National BFF Day

In case you didn't know, today is national BFF day.

BFF stands for Best Friends Forever. It was written on the bottom of practically every note passed in junior high school in the mid 90's. I have been blessed with lots of great girlfriends but my best pal is Mary Lou Kavanaugh Oswalt.
Mary Lou organizing my refrigerator.

Our mothers were in lamaze class and sang in the church choir together. We were in the church nursery together, went to elementary school together, ran cross country together, went away to college in Texas together, and are still best pals.

Even though she lives in New Orleans and I'm up here 1,100 miles away in Erie, Pennsylvania, she remains my closest friend and I love her to pieces.

She is super thoughtful, organized to the max, driven, funny (even though she doesn't know it), and loyal. She is beyond loyal...uber-loyal-infinity-plus. She has shaped me in so many ways and I hope I'm more like her as I grow up.

Looking lovely after our 13 mile run at Presque Isle.

Love you Lou!


Marylou said...

thanks buddy! Now I feel pressure to be funny...ummm...ok...well really you could have just been truthful and said that people usually laugh AT me rather than WITH me! Love you!

Marylou said...

and i still maintain that we both decided to go to Baylor separately and that I didn't follow you.

But would you really have wanted to be spared those late night drives home when we got lost and yelled at each other over which road to take while Tim Liner sat akwardly in the back of the car? :)

Lora said...

You two make such good friends, because you compliment each other so well. I still remember the tales of Freshmen year parties with you two out to conquer Baylor and SO MANY other funny tales. There will not ALWAYS be that great physical distance and the relational distance remains short. Glad you have each other!

Anonymous said...

So sweet. The two of you even sort of look alike! A close friend like that means everything!

Hannah Lee said...

You are so blessed to have each other! Such a wonderful bestie pair! What would we do without our girls?!

Deb said...

Ahhh....I can still the little girls with their sailor dresses. I love you are still close.

Hey, I think you guys are more than 1,100 miles apart. I am going to check that out...just curious.