Ducktape Socks

Student-Dr. Papa and Henry in his jammies.

Adam's first day of rotations is today! So, of course, we took the obligatory first day of school picture. I'm so proud of my sweet husband and am confident that he's going to rock those rotations...like a rocking chair. ...Yeah!

Pappa Bob left yesterday morning. It was such a wonderful surprise for my dad to get to come too (and of course, my mom's coming was wonderful but it wasn't a surprise). Dad basically had Henry on his chest for the 42 hours that he was in Erie and slept both nights on the couch with Henry on his chest. The first night, Mom & Dad fed him with a bottle of pumped milk so that Adam and I could sleep longer. Plus, since Henry was on my Dad's chest, he slept much longer stretches than normal (try 5 1/2 hours!!) Needless to say, I sprinted downstairs like the wind to the pump that first morning at 5:30 a.m. with quite a pain in my chest...ahem. Hard as rocks. The next night, Henry slept again on my Dad's chest on the couch but I went downstairs at 3:30 to feed him.

Now, he's gotten used to sleeping right on top of someone and so last night, after Pappa Bob left, was LOTS of fun...he did make it one 3-hour stretch last night in his crib but for the most part, he was not happy to be back in the confines of his own bed.

I'm going to ducktape his socks to his feet.
Is that frowned upon?

Mama Lulu babysat Henry so that Adam and I could go on our first date. I even DRIED MY HAIR and put on makeup! Whaaaat? We did look pretty cleaned up, I'll admit. But I didn't take any pictures ot prove it. Oh darn.

It was a very successful first date and we talked about a lot of topics besides Henry...oh, and a little Henry too I suppose. I was ready to see my little man though once we got home. Miraculously, my mom had kept him alive and he seemed to be pretty happy! Wow! (just kidding- I always remind my mom things about Henry and she tells me that it's a miracle that she was able to raise three kids.)


Bethany said...

Glad to hear you and Adam had a wonderful date on your birthday and that Henry was able to spend some time with his grandparents.

Happy 26th!

The Tylers said...

Yeah for grandma babysitters and those short but sweet getways! Glad y'all had a great time. Have a great week!!!

C and G said...

Glad you were able to get some sleep! That's a nice birthday present :) Little one is getting so big and is super cute with his doctor daddy.
Happy Birthday!

Deb said...

Sweet pics!!! Hey, can't go wrong with duck tape!