Blogger Failure

Reading other people's blogs along with me actually blogging have not been happening lately. The only way that I'm writing this blog right now is that Henry is eating breadcrumbs out of my lap. Literally.

To update you on life...Adam is in his 2nd month of surgery. Henry is 10 months old and a crazy, wild fun little boy. He likes to put towels on top of his head, covering his eyes and crawl around and bump into things.

Boys, right?

The sunshine has been out for three days in a row, steadily melting away the white piles and there is no snow in the 7-day forecast.

Woohoo! Life is good!

P.S. Holy cow, Henry just stood for like 10 seconds without holding onto anything. That was crazy.

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Lora said...

He is working on his balance and core strength. Next he will be running with his Momma Lulu.