Well, once we found out about baby numero dos, the weaning came into play. Henry will be 11 months old this week so for the past few weeks, I've dropped a feeding every week and today will be his first day with just ONE feeding (nighttime).

So, two questions: Will this hurt? and Will my chest ever look the same?


Carey said...

I'm no expert, but I did a similar drop a feeding at a time thing with my lil girl. It didn't really hurt me. Maybe some pressure for a while and it took a couple weeks for there to be "nothing there" :)
and as far as the same? I think that's different for everyone. I'm pretty much the same...maybe a little smaller? but I was that to begin with :) Good luck!

Our Family said...

It never hurt me at all. As for looking the same...I like Lynette's quote from Desperate Housewives...your boobs look like a bunch of deflated balloons!!!

Marylou said...

#1- I think with the gradual method you're using, it shouldn't hurt? That's kinda how we did it and it was fine.
#2- ha ha haaaaaa!!! ahhh...whew. You're funny.

(p.s. that's a no)

Jeff and Lauren said...

Will has been weaned for exactly a week today. I did the same thing that you did and the night one was the last to go. I wasn't sore at all the first couple of days but for the last three, I have been a bit sore. Not terrible...just sore.

Good luck! I hope Henry doesn't even notice.

Ann Miller said...

cabbage leaves and plastic surgery!!

Mark and Megan said...

I slowly dropped a feeding at a time until I was down to just one also. Then I cut that one out and have been done for a week and a half. About 3 days after I stopped I got really sore but it only lasted a few days. Now I look just like I did pre-pregnancy/pre-nursing. Good luck!

Amanda Snow Serio said...

Ha ha, no they'll never, ever be the same if gravity's gotten to them. But that's natural. No tandem nursing? Pregnancy's a natural weaner because of the milk changes and common soreness. We made it to 2 weeks before #2 was born and then #1 quit all on his own.