Marathon Mama

While some of you may be encouraging your moms to eat better or try and take a walk for exercise, my Mother just completed her 5th marathon this past weekend in Georgia. That's right...26.2 miles.

So annoying.

Just kidding (sorta). My mom really is such a good role model for working out well into your twilight years- you're never too old to run (kidding again). But seriously folks...is this thing on?

Truly, she is committed to working out and her group of running buddies are pretty special- they are a tight knit group of young broads and they have enjoyed many a mile gabbing away on the open road.

So, way to go Mom! Now, I'm going to go eat a twinkie.


Lindsey said...

hahahaha you crack me up!
I think I'd feel very similar.. dont I wish I could run a marathon- screw a marathon how about a couple miles without passing out! You are too cute!

Ann Miller said...

you do have the gift of gab...or written gab, or whatever! you crack me up! a marathon would laugh at me...really crack up! i'm doing good not to throw something at gillian!

Lora said...

WHAT IS THIS JUNK ABOUT TWILIGHT YEARS???????Thank you, I think! Trained for 5--only completed 4--you know the story. What Mammaw wouldn't do to try to get me to be more ladylike!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Camille! I have read EVERY entry you have posted since you were featured in the Erie Times when you moved here. YOU ARE AWESOME! Have you ever considered a career in writing? You would be spectacular!

P.S. And GO, ERIE! 50 degrees today!

Marylou said...

ha ha! I feel your pain :) My mom gets up 3 days a week to go to bootcamp at 4am and I can't even drag myself out of bed at 6:30 to take a shower before work!

The Tylers said...

Excellent. Job well done Ms. Lora Lu!! And our mom's are just plum crazy!!:)