Girls' Night!

First off, thank you so much for all the tantrum advice. It really has been so helpful and reassuring to know that this is PERFECTLY NORMAL for Henry's age. Bless you folks.

Second off, my girls' group had our 2nd annual slumber party on Friday night (somehow I've managed to be pregnant at both slumber parties- hmmm). It was so much fun. We all had matching t-shirts and we made friendship bracelets, ate delicious junk food, prank called our friends and husbands (The best prank call was us pretending to be La Leche League except that everyone started cracking up when the word "nipple" was said and the call was derailed).

Bethany also brought her Wii and the game "Just Dance". So, we all were wearing our matching shirts doing choreographed dances to songs like "Can't Touch This" and "Cotton Eyed Joe". We seriously looked like a straight-up chick flick slumber party break-into-song scene (i.e. 13 going on 30). It was awesome.

There was also a mix c.d. and a game of "Likemind" (which is an awesome game- I highly recommend). I just love hanging out with girlfriends and it's so fun to be able to spend a whole night being silly and laughing and just being with your gal pals while wearing pajama pants and a t-shirt.

It keeps ya young.

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lindsey said...

The prank calls sound too funny!!