For the first segment of our trip, our little family stayed with Adam's parents in Weatherford, Texas. They were awesome about taking Henry and shooing us away. So, we saw Wicked in Dallas (we were in the 3rd balcony but it was still SO COOL even if you couldn't see their facial expressions). I went to a baby shower for one of my dear college roommates and had such a wonderful time seeing my girlfriends, hanging out, and celebrating a new child coming! We swam (a lot!) and went out on a couple of dates- it was a relaxing, wonderful trip for us!

The funny is that, somehow, the Jennings always end up with pink or purple chairs and accessories for Henry. The box usually has a different colored object pictured but then, upon arriving home, it turns out to be a girly color. Hence, the pink floaty pictured above. We get a kick out of it.

It is so cool seeing both sets of Henry's grandparents love on him. Anyone who adores your kid like that goes up a few notches in your book, you know?


CaseyWiegand said...

yall are so stinkin cute!

The Sudan Fam said...

we just went and saw Wicked, too! we were on the third balcony on the very last row...but it was still good, just like you said!