Texas Again

So, to pick up where I left off from last week, the second part of our trip was with my family. Both of my brothers live in Austin, Texas and so my parents picked us up at the Jennings' house and we drove down to play at the lake for a week!

The main activity was jumping off of the roof of the dock. (My Mom even did it!)

Over and over and over again.
I couldn't partake in this activity so I floated in the water, enjoying my preggers excuse and watched my nephews and my child-like husband jump over and over and over again. My nephews are so cute and they love their Uncle Adam.

"Uncle Adam, look at my jump!"
"Uncle Adam, how big was my splash?"
"Uncle Adam, will you come jump with me?"

Adam just ate it up. I think that my nephews are right about at his maturity level:) (Kidding...but Adam really does love to play more than any grown man I know. He must've jumped off the top of that dock 600 times.)

The boys all went on boat rides and tubed on the lake (again, I stayed back...the first day I tried to go on a boat ride with Henry but the water was choppy and it was slightly jarring for a pregnant lady and a 14-month old). Also, we ate a ton. My mom cooked for us each night and we did it up right- ate and ate and ate some more.

This was our first year in my life that my family hasn't gone to Florida for vacation and it ended up being fortuitous timing that we hadn't rented a beach house on the sad, oily beach. The lake was excellent!


Lora said...

You like my word fortitous, Huh! Could Uncle Adam play hooky next week and come play in Ruston?

Sarah said...

Looks like y'all had a blast. We are up on Lake Travis ALL THE TIME! I wish we could have met up with you guys for dinner. Maybe next time!?