Hello Stranger!

Adam is back doing rotations (he's currently on ER) and so Henry and I went to the pool today...solo. It was a hot Erie day (91 degrees, what what?!) and so a lot of other people had the same idea. Having a toddler at the pool is hilarious. Henry swims about 10% of the time and walks around and waves at strangers the other 90% of the time. Mainly, I just follow him around and keep him from stealing others' toys and stepping on their beach towels.

I also make a lot of random conversation. Often with small children! See, most moms at the pool are off on the side, lounging in a chair while their kids' swim. However, Henry can't swim so I am on him like white on rice. Therefore, I often end up being the only adult in the kids' pool.

Small Child: Hi. Are you his Mom?

Me: Yes.

Small Child: Don't let him go in very deep. He cannot swim.

Me: Good point. Thanks!

Small Child: Do you have a dog?

Me: Yes.

Small Child: Hey, guess what? I am going to get a dog soon.

Me: That's cool. A big dog or a small dog?

Small Child: Like, probably a german shepherd. Or a hunting dog.
Ok, bye.


Our Family said...

That's so cute!! I can just picture you sitting in that baby pool!!

Lora said...

There's nothing more refreshing than an honest conversation with a child!

Anonymous said...

My best days at Waldameer's Water Park were sitting in the kiddie pool watching my son enjoy the water and the other little ones....now he is 24 and getting married in December...oh how the time flies!

CaseyWiegand said...

we are the same!! I cant even go anymore bc its so hot and AIden never gets in the water!!!! LOVE YALL!! XOXO

Marylou said...

That totally cracks me up :) Gotta love it. One day you will be the mom sunning while H-dawg perfects his diving skills!