Rainy Day Entertainment

Rainy Day Tent.
Torn down in 5 minutes.

I'm quickly seeing the need for a stockpile of rainy day activities. I've grown quite accustomed to taking Henry to the park everyday and letting him run around and let loose in our backyard. When this isn't an option, I am lost. Bewildered. Undone.

Not really undone but we need to get Henry's crazies out!

So yesterday, while it rained we went to the Chick-Fil-A playground. It's indoor (score!) but many other Moms had that idea too at 11 a.m. (unscore!) However, Henry loved the big kids and he was super brave and crawled up into the tunnels and I didn't even have to squeeze my pregnant belly up there to retrieve him. Verdict: Winner!

Then, we went to Target. See, this past weekend before the Cherry Fest, we bought Henry a backpack...with an attachable guiding cord. Okay, okay...it's a leash. Let's just face it. But Henry seems to think that the backpack is pretty cool and I'm just glad that he can't get more than 4 feet away from me. So, Henry walked around Target for 45 minutes and I followed him by holding onto the "guiding cord"...leash.

We have also taken to breaking into our friend Sarah's house while she is out-of-town. Don't worry- we're not really breaking in, I mean I have a key, after all. We play on her front porch, get out her hose, climb her stairs, and throw fallen pears in her backyard.

Besides those activities and going to the Y, I'm still a rookie at rainy days & getting out of the house. Luckily, while Henry is currently napping, Mr. Sunshine is coming out so maybe we will go to the park after all. YAY!

P.S. Does anyone have any advice on "encouraging" your child to hold your hand around streets, etc.? He will let me hold his hand for a little while but Henry gets so mad sometimes when I try to hold his hand that he just sits in the middle of the road. Then I have to throw him over my shoulders like a sack of potatoes and head back to the house/car/etc.


Amanda E. said...

Bahahaha---I am rolling on the floor laughing about the "guiding cord" ;-) My son, Cole, just turned 1 and although he is not walking (yet), almost two months ago I purchased an otter backpack with detachable "guiding cord" - aka leash. I have ZERO problems with a leash for my kid! I only wish he would walk so we can test it out...

Jeff and Lauren said...

One rainy day activity (or cold day activity) we have on reserve is the Children's Museum. I bought a year membership because if I go like 3 times, I have more than paid for it. It is a place that is nicer if you have friends that are members too. Not sure how the Erie Museum is but ours has a little toddler area that I can let him roam freely or we can go in the bigger areas if I want to be more hands on with him. Nice for a change of pace but not quite free.

Also, if you have a zoo membership (we got this one too because we go all the time and again, it is so cheap to get a year pass compared to paying) you could just take him to the indoor areas. I think the Erie zoo only has that one indoor building but still, it is so close to your house!

Good luck!

CaseyWiegand said...

i feel like i am constantly carrying aiden like a sack of potatoes!!! love the fort, too fun!

freakface said...