Four Years.

Adam back in January of 2008, White Coat Ceremony

May 30, 2007: Adam (age 24) and I (age 23) drive over 1,300 miles from Waco, Texas to Erie, Pennsylvania and move into our new little home. We spent the summer getting our home set up, attending every festival in town & (me) looking for a job. It was an amazing summer but medical school was looming and we weren't sure what to expect. From some of the horror stories that I'd heard, I thought that it would be pretty awful.

1st day of medical school- 2007

It wasn't. Adam quickly established a routine, waking up absurdly early to study and then heading to class for the day. His nighttime studying was less intense and we usually went on a walk before or after supper. I began working as an admissions counselor at the pharmacy school on August 13th and was able to connect with some amazing girls (My dear Girls Group!).

Adam would tell you himself. He was not a very disciplined student before medical school. But he totally stepped up his game for medical school. He viewed entry into medical school as a gift from the Lord and was such a good steward of this gift. He fought to make his family a priority and he fought to study hard, wanting to be the best doctor possible. Adam even listens to lectures as he falls asleep. I don't completely get this- maybe it's like osmosis, you absorb the information in as you REM? I prefer white noise, myself. Regardless, the boy worked so hard and he is who I would want as my doctor in the ER! Someone who cared and was always learning and studying and liked medicine...

1st day of 2nd year, 2008

At the beginning of Adam's second year, we found out that we were pregnant with Baby Henry.
Adam continued studying his pantalones off in school and he was feeling out specialties and trying to find out what he was passionate about. Meanwhile, I got bigger (and so did Adam! With Henry, he gained weight with me. Happy! With Elliot, he lost weight. Grrrr.) Henry was born April 21st, Oh Happy Day! Adam prepared for Step 1 of his boards with a newborn snuggled on his chest.

1st day of 3rd year, 2009

In June of 2009, Adam began rotations. Every four weeks of 3rd and 4th year was a new rotation. Adam really liked almost all of the specialties but found emergency medicine to be the best fit. He likes the diagnostics and using his brain, thinking fast and he also gets to do procedures and intubation. Next year, he'll be at a level 1 trauma center and that is exciting for Adam!

1st day of 4th year, 2010

3rd and 4th year were a blur. Henry was here, Step 1 of the boards, Adam was doing a new rotation every month and I got pregnant again towards the beginning of 2010. Adam took Step 2 of the boards, he applied for residencies, interviewed and matched for emergency medicine at JPS in Fort Worth. Elliot arrived October 25th of 2010. We spent numerous hours with dear friends walking through this same season and enjoyed our growing family here in Erie. I can't believe how these years have flown. The Lord has taught us dependence on Him and has richly blessed our home.

I'm so proud of Adam. He's worked and played and lived and loved well during these four years and he's going to be an incredible physician. He's already the best husband and dad that I know.

I love you, Adam.


Tiffany said...

Thanks for sharing some of y'all's story. Sounds like a blessed and fulfilled life, for sure!

The Tylers said...

What a great post. I loved reading the time line of your time in Erie. Many more blessings will be headed your way. Wishing you the best as you close this chapter and start a new one!

Joanna said...

Awesome post, and yes the years do fly by, at least I hope this next one sure will! So proud of Adam and know he's worked so hard for this. He indeed will be a great doctor and can't wait to see what God has in store for y'all!

Anonymous said...

i know adam would say you were such a big part of everything he has accomplished in erie! congratulations to you both and happy mothers day!


Gabe said...

Happy Mom day!