Inspection & Siblings

The inspection is complete! They were here from nine to eleven-thirty. (it was the inspector, the realtor & the buyer). Is a super-long inspection good? Bad? The boys and I were gone during the first two hours but caught the tail end when the inspector was confused by my bath faucets (from 1935) and was telling the buyer that he could take a hot shower or a cold bath. I clambered up the stairs to demonstrate the usage of the warm water handle. See, buyer? You can have a hot shower and a hot bath.

Now the inspector comes back tomorrow to inspect outside of the house. Then he makes a report. Then we wait to see what buyers say about the report. Meanwhile I may stress-eat everything in our refrigerator. Little joke.

So, lately, Henry has been very two. Like, he says, Bear Noooooo anytime that Elliot touches him. Or he's a great sharer with others, usually, but not with Brother Bear. Oh, noooooo. I am hoping that when Elliot starts crawling and can play more that Henry's dislike of sharing and being touched by his brother will not increase. I so want them to be close. Well, we are half-way there: Elliot loves Henry and laughs at everything Henry does. Henry will sometimes give Elliot hugs or attention in exchange for awwww, you're such a great big brother from his parents but we hear a lot of, No Bear!


Danny Lucas said...

A lengthy inspection is to the benefit of BOTH parties.
The seller has everything up front and exposed; nothing hidden.
The buyer has a clue to needed repairs or updates, such as modern circuit breakers instead of fuses in an older home.

It is not just a "physical" for the home, but also a bargaining chip for the final price. The more repairs needed, the lower the price is bartered.
Someone has to pay.

But an older home is NEVER in pristine shape. If the buyer wants that, build new and make whatever you desire.

You, as seller, are stuck with the 6% realtor fee.
But the transfer tax is a whopper and generally split at 1% for each party.

Tell the buyer any improvements you have made (landscaping, deck, etc....not painting the walls).
Leave the appliances as it costs more to move them, and may induce a buyer, as they have to supply their own. That one is a tossup, depending if they already have appliances, but yours likely go well with the house now.

You want to avoid any future claim not revealed by you, so tell all, and you are relieved of future hassles.

I only chose this post to let you, Adam, and the children born in Erie, PA and citizens of this town forever, how much we all have enjoyed your "secede" business to here.

Your family has been a marvelous addition to Erie, and sharing all the sights and places we have to offer in your blog has put a positive spin on this town always (except when we had too much snow).

All of you will be missed in Erie.
Not just at church, but in your blog writings and willingness to share your heart with all of ours.

You add a zest to living, and our lives are all the better for your having lived here.
The fact that you produced two boys here means Erie is also a part of your life forever. With luck, we may have the privilege of your presence at a future date, though Lora is likely to squelch that.
Time will tell.

Keep your blog online, and on Erie Blogs, so we can enjoy your travels, family, hearts and heartbreaks, take on life, and the reflection of Jesus Christ you seem to shine at everyone.

Maybe you can convince Brooke to stay put for a decade or two here, eh?

Either way, you improve the lives of people you meet, and that was us! You will be missed by many more folks than you realized.

Blessings to all of you always.

Ephesians 1:15-23 WOW!

Best regards,
Danny Lucas

The Tylers said...

There will be many many sharing battles but do not worry, they will be oh so close!! Mine fight so much I can hardly stand it, BUT there are many sweet moments. And HEAVEN FORBID someone from the outside mess with either one of them:). Sibling love!!

MrsOgg said...

I LOVE that he calls hime bear. That is the cutest/sweetest ever!