Every night after the boys go to sleep, I'm like Hey. I should pack boxes now. But then I finish cleaning up the kitchen and go upstairs with Adam and read blogs or we watch Wipeout on hulu. The other day, Adam started packing up the board games in our coffee table and Henry pulled each game out and opened the boxes they were in and created a greater mess than the one with which we started.

Packing is silly. Once my Mom is here, she can just finish it all. Kinda like my 3rd grade science project.


Lora said...

No complaining though about how I do it or WHAT I might throw away! Just like the 3rd grade-we're going to do it MY WAY!---HA HA HA!

Marylou said...

I think we did one of those science projects together (ie. we played outside while our moms begged us to "get in here and write on this project board!!" )

And mamas do make the world go round. When I grow up, I hope to be that kind of mamma like our moms some day! :)