chinese freeze tag

do you remember chinese freeze tag? the rules varied from playground to playground but, basically, if you got tagged by whoever was 'it', you had to stand there, frozen, with your legs in a 'v'. then, you couldn't unfreeze until someone crawled between, underneath your legs. There was always the kid who would just act like he didn't get tagged. Everytime, he would either throw a fit "nuh-uh!! you didn't get me" or once he had been tagged, he would wait a few seconds, then just unfreeze and jump back in the game, even though, clearly, noone had crawled between his legs! THEN, if someone called him on it (like me, i had a thick sense of justice as a kid), he would lie and then cry. Ah, I remember that kid. Anyways, I have been tagged, thanks to my colorado pal, jen.

The Rules:

1. Post the rules
2. List 8 random facts or habits about yourself.
3. If you are tagged, then you must Post the rules and list 8 random facts or habits about yourself.
4. After you post, tag people and let them know they must read your blog for the rules.

okay, so.

1. Anyone who has ever slept in the same room with me can tell you this, I am obsessive about my nighttime water/bathroom ritual. I cannot fall asleep without water beside my head, and mind you, it has to be enough- half a nalgene or more. I cannot fall asleep with anything in my bladder. The result? I go to the bathroom, get in bed, take a sip of water. Minutes later, I feel the urge, I go to the bathroom, get in bed, take a sip. Sometimes I have to throw a water refilll in because my nalgene levels get to low. Repeat until asleep. Now, in college, I was AWFUL about this. My roommate, caroline, would always say "dribble, dribble" when I went to the bathroom because, well.. you can figure that one out. But I have gotten better since being married and lately am down to only 1 or 2 trips before sleepy-town.

2. Although I've had no formal training, anyone who has lived with me will tell you that I love to dance. While I'm waiting on the microwave to finish, while my husband is reading and i get antsy, while I'm talking on the phone, I do it all the time. and poorly. But its fun.

3. I feel guilty in grocery stores, if I try the sample from the sample lady but then don't take whatever she's pitching. So, say she's like "here try this bbq sauce on this piece of beef!" i'l be like, "okay. (taste) oh wow. thats so good." and she'll be like "here's a recipe and here are the different sauces" and she'll point to the sauces. and i'll be like "okay! great!" and i'll grab a bottle. but then, once i'm away from her, i'll put the bottle down somewhere on the bbq aisle, well, okay. sometimes not on the bbq aisle. because, honestly, i don't need that sauce! Adam's always like, "you're absurd. she doesn't care!" but i made her FEEL like she made a sale. so maybe, just maybe, her confidence will boost and she WILL make a sale! a-ha! no? yeah, probably not.

4. I used to have my nose pierced in college. My mother loved it! not.

5. I want a pink Vespa scooter. In college, my roommate Caroline had a blue electric scooter, and me, Lindsey, and Caroline would all 3 ride on it to class or sometimes to parties. Sure, it was a tight fit, but we like closeness. Then, Adam had a moped that we would ride around on when we were dating in school. It was so fun and had an incredibly silly horn. I think the snow and ice might prohibit the use of a pink vespa scooter up here in Pennsylvania, though.

6. I remember every morning of my childhood, waking up to the sound of my mom putting on her makeup. Well, actually the sound was her hitting the bottle of face makeup against the palm of her hand 3 times. Everytime, the same rhythm, the same noise. Now, I do the 3-hit.

7. My dad would ring the bell for the salvation army at Christmas outside of the grocery store. He would let me come when I was a kid and we would sing carols. One time, my best pal, Mary Lou, came too and we had on red santa hats and were singing "Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer", and also, me and Mary Lou had these LOUD shirts on with pictures of Santa puff-painted onto them. and we got our picture in the paper. Good times.

8. When Adam and I were dating, I would play the "trust game" with him, randomly, without telling him. I would plant my feet, lock my legs and lean forward or back. He would always catch me, though. He's good at that.

You're it, fellow bloggy friends.


Brooke & Freeland said...

Cam Cam... you are hillarious! I love your "secrets" and I too do the same thing at the store.. especially since I walk over there everyday from work. It gets awkward when its the same woman everytime though! :)

freakface said...

Uh, let's see:
1) I don't have issues with water.
2) I don't dance. Ever.
3) I don't feel guilty in grocery stores. I go to Sam's Club on Sunday because all the samples make a tasty brunch.
4) Negative on the piercings.
5) I once gave a girl friend (as opposed to girlfriend) a ride across campus on my bike in the middle of one of the worst downpours I can remember. There, I actually admit doing something.
6) Makeup...I don't wear it.
7) I never had any experiences like that one, either.
8) The trust game was a great way to break up with someone when struggling to find a way to do it. Just keep walking. Down she goes. Just keep walking.

carrie b. said...

to the response above...wow.

i'm laughing.

Gabe said...

i think i have the water thing too, minus the visits to the head. and i remember the makeup thing with mom. and that puffy st. claus shirt i distinctly remember creeping me out a bit. it was just so... puffy.
i'm glad that our psychosis runs deep.
and the comment on the trust excersise did well.