sing it, willy!

well, i'm on the road again. This weekend, I'm headed to Chicago (please no referring to it as "chi-town") for Robyn & Austin's wedding!

Robyn and I went to Baylor together and were in lifegroup together. We have a pretty special friendship- I feel like she's seen some pivotal moments in my life and I, hers. She is a compassionate friend who is so easy to be around. And she's marrying a hilarious & awesome dude. So, I'm excited and honored to be pulling bridesmaid duty this weekend! I will give y'all the scoop upon my return.

Having said this, I am sad to leave behind at the homestead, one very devoted med student and one very lick-y dog. My 2 boys will be "roughing it" without me and I can't wait to hear what they eat for supper. I will miss those two a lot.


Lora said...

Dad has a hot line to Applebee's if Adam needs the number, call him!

Brooke & Freeland said...

umm please give Meier the biggest hug for me! I want to go hang out with yall! :( But I cant wait to hear about the wedding & see pics!