Oh, and to address the marathon dilemna. Well, since Houston was out of the question, due to work conflicts, we had to regroup. We kept doing our training and thought and decided to do the Dallas White Rock marathon! Now, it is over a MONTH before the Houston marathon so we are having to bump up our schedule, but I think we'll be fine.

So I'm excited to do my first ever 26.2 miles with my best pal, Mary lou, back in Texas! Yeehaw!!!

mary lou

Also, my mom might come and do the half marathon! double louisiana trouble. she's the boss- she gives us good coaching on marathon training. what a buff young lady.


Cynthia said...

yes, yes, you're right...starbucks is my full-time ministry. and they've all expressed how sad they'll be if i do leave, but they're also incredibly supportive. i'm a lucky girl!

Brooke & Freeland said...

AHHHHH!!!! GUESS WHAT!! That means we can come see you run also and cheer you on at all the stop points! We (my family) have a lot of friends that always do the white rock so it will be a ton of fun!!!!!! Then that also means we get to see you 3 times!! The wedding, the race, and AT YOUR HOUSE!!! Holy holy I am so excited!