i need a timeout

Dear Bloggy Nation,

I am sorry I have been an awful blogger. No updates in almost a calendar week? blasphemy! let it not be heard of.

Ah, summer- when the days stretched out before me like the blue in the ocean. I blogged, I kept my house sparkling. I went to the Y twice a day. Ah, summer.

Actually, I really am so grateful to be working. Yes, it does change my days, clearly. But my last pay check came in from teaching last week, so good thing I have a job, right? I really like the ladies back in student affairs that I work with- they are a funny conglomeration (spelling?) but we all have each other's backs. and we laugh a lot. That is great news! Right now, in pharmacy admissions, we are finishing matriculating the incoming students- they will start sept. 18th with orientation. But they have to get a lot done by then- paperwork, immunizations, etc. etc. Its a lot of handholding, but its fun. Meanwhile, applications for the next admissions cycle are coming in and we're beginning to process those and get them ready for admissions committee meetings. Interviews will start in November and then begins the busier seasons of hosting kiddos on campus, etc.

Adam, meanwhile, is studying his little head off because he has his first BIG exam on Monday. Now so far, he has done very well on the quizzes. (Why does quizzes have 2 z's? that seems odd.) Anyways, sometimes he'll ask me to come in and help him study. So, I try. Yes, I try to pronounce the words. They are difficult. So, I kinda make up nicknames for the anatomy words. I don't know if thats too beneficial for his studying. But its fun! Its kinda like a game show, you know? And I'm bob barker with my long, skinny microphone. Right now, Adam is at the anatomy lab looking at cadaviers in preparation for the practical part of his test. He always smells so good after anatomy lab.


Well, the other day I told you all our exciting plans for the fall- but now we have a very very exciting addition!! On December 30th, Brooke and Free are coming to visit us!!!!!!

We are so happy that they can come and play in the snow with us and we can play boardgames and cards and sled and laugh just like old times in Waco! B & F are such loyal, thoughtful, hilarious, honest, fun, and wonderful friends. They would do anything for us and we love them! So, we are excited that they are coming to Erie as a finally married couple in December and we get to spend New Years Eve with them!

A few pictures to demonstrate whats going on around the house today:

exciting, no?


Lora said...

It's tough to get the schedule all worked out when you first start work, but it will come. What a cute man and oh yeah, Adam is pretty handsome, himself.

Brooke & Freeland said...

we feel so honored to be on your blog! Thanks for your sweet words! Good Luck on the exam A-dog. PS: 28 days until we get to see yall!!!

kjds said...

You made your bed! Was that just for the pic? Just kidding!

I am praying for you as you work, balance home life, wifey-ness, and spending time with friends. It can be done! But you have to do some thinking & praying about priorities for the day, week, etc. Love to you guys!