happy hour

Well, today was the 1st day of work and it went very well, amigos. i really like my coworkers and i am gettins slowly eased into the application/matriculation processes. Adam & I got to eat lunch together too! And I must take a moment to brag on my husband, he got a 97 on his 1st quiz! Yay Adam!!!! smarty pants mcgee.

i got up early to walk powers this morning in hopes that he would sleep all day, but instead he somehow opened the cabinet underneath the sink and got the rotisserie chicken out of the trashcan and finished that bad boy off. crazy mutt. he had the guilty quivering look when we got home and then we figured out why.

Well, sad news - i can't do the houston marathon. everyone in student affairs is required to work 2 saturdays out of the year- 1 is in june for graduation and the other is january 12th (the day before the marathon) for white coat ceremony. booooo. so now i'm looking online for another marathon to do around the same time so i don't lose my momentum.

all in all, great day! i love my job so far and adam is doing great in school and powers ate a whole chicken, so there you go..


Rachael said...

Sounds like a pretty good first day - do you work at the campus where Adam goes to school?

Reading your blog makes me wish that we'd been better friends while we were at Baylor. I mean, I knew you through people...but we should have hung out more!

Lora said...

Check out the ads on your blog site. I am sure you didn't approve the one for married people looking for date!

Glad your 1st day was great. They are going to love you! What's not to love?

Brooke & Freeland said...

You get em pow wow - he is trying to proove to adam that you should not be working.. powers needs all your attention at home. jk jk.. lol.. omg. Okay its late.. but Im so glad that you like the j-o-b so far. Sad day about not being able to do the marathon in Houston. :( love you like a sister but more.

Cynthia said...

Hey working girl!

I love how your mom refers to me as your babysitter. When I first met Monica, she thought I used to babysit you AND Gabe!! That would've been funny, although, let's face it, I was always the more "responsible" one:)

Gabe said...

cynthia has a point.