So, Wednesday night, Adam and I were looking through his yearbook from his senior year in high school. Oh, bliss. The laughter. The blonde-tipped highlights (on boys!). I wish we had a scanner, I would share some of the glory.

First bit of goodness that I'd like to share is the name of one of Adam's fellow classmates:

Shotgun Pace.

How cool is that? That was his name...written out in the yearbook! I asked Adam about it but he told me that everyone called him "Travis". Isn't that backwards? Shouldn't his real name be Travis and everyone call him Shotgun? We had a boy at my high school named Stoney Stone, so I can't say anything but his real name was Clay Stone, I think. Either way...still pretty good, right?

Next, THIS part was truly appalling. There was a section in Adam's yearbook where parents could take out quarter, half, or full-page ads for their graduation seniors. You know, put a baby picture up and then a senior picture up along with a letter telling your graduate how proud you are of them.

BUT, in this section, boyfriends and girlfriends could also take out ads and write letters to one another. So, there would be a FULL PAGE AD with like 4 pictures of Billy Bob and Ruth Ann and then a letter from Ruth Ann to Billy Bob:

Dear Billy Bob,

I love you so much. The past 4 months have been the best of my life and I can't wait to marry you and have babies one day. Remember that night at Sonic? Oh my goodness, you have changed my life...yadee yadee

Yours Forever,
Ruth Ann

and then Billy Bob would write her a letter back on the same page.

Dear Ruth Ann,

When I gave you my letter jacket, my life got more sunshine in it. I love you, baby. Blah blah blah.

Billy Bob

Can you believe it??? These boyfriend/girlfriend ads were mixed in with the sweet parents ads. We went through this section and I asked Adam which couples were still together. Not many, if any. How awkward.

Sadly, Adam & his high school girlfriend did not take out an ad, so I had little mocking rights except where she started to write a note in the back of his yearbook that started with... "the past year and a half have been awesome."

Oh, high school.


Lindsay said...

I went through my old yearbook a couple years ago..it's so funny!! I've never seen the boyfriend/girlfriend pages before!! ha!

Marylou said...

Hey Camille-

Stay sweet girl! LYLAS!!

(cue the "graduation song" by Vitamin C)

Lindsey said...

We had best friend ads, girlfriend, boyfriend, and parent ads. I did NOT put one in for my BF... thank the Lord!

Bethany said...

We have a scanner....