Healing the Wounds of Yore

How strange is this:

Today, my friend Bethany & I were taking a walk along with Henry and Powers (our dog). A mailman stops us and gets out of his truck with a dog treat to give to Powers. After asking if this was okay (Sure) he bends down and pets Powers and tells us that he loves dogs and feeds Powers a dog bone treat.

He was the nicest guy and I really admire his persistence in breaking down the wall of hostility between mailmen and dogs.

Crazy world.


Sky said...

cute dog! i love little stories like that. people are awesome.

Lora said...

Now let's see if Mr. Powers still barks EVERYTIME the mailman walks up!

Hannah Lee said...

Haha! What a great story! I have never heard of a mailman doing that! Such a brave man...breaking down the barriers between mailmen and dogs.

Anonymous said...

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