Friday, Look Out.

So, on Thursday mornings, Bethany & I go over to Brooke's house and watch So You Think You Can Dance. This week, they selected the top 20 and, can I just say, that I am already beyond annoyed with Molly and Legacy. Out of all those great dancers...one dances like a junior high cheerleader and the other flattered and cried his way to the top because he cannot, I repeat, cannot dance outside of his niche. I mean, if you cry and tell someone that the dance they choreographed changed your life, you probably will get promoted to the next level. End rant.

I went to a surprise going-away party last night for my friend, Aubrey. Aubrey is moving to Japan with her husband and their baby, Roman. So, our girls' group all dressed up in our bath or silky robes and wore socks with flip-flops and tried to do our hair in chop-sticks in an attempt to Japan-ize this part-ay. Also, we ate chinese food and cake and drank tea. It was a fun way to send off our sweet friend. She will be missed.

Speaking of long plane rides, my parents are on their way up here! Yee-haw. So, we will be doing that this weekend- hope you and yours have a merry weekend, too!


The Tylers said...

your blog posts always make me smile, Camille. You have such a sweet spirit make all those around you laugh a lot!!! Hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend with your parentals and get some SLEEP!

CDE said...

OMG...I feel the SAME WAY about Molly and Legacy...uggghhh...hope they get partnerned together and leave the first week! I love all the contemporary dancers...and the crump guy...he is my favorite this season..

Danielle said...

i KNOW - i can't STAND those two.

and the whole," we're best friends and they're going to split us up" ridiculousness? hello self-centered: there's a MARRIED COUPLE waiting their turn. idiots.