Corn Mazes and Peas

We had such a nice, full weekend. On Saturday, we went to the Buffalo Wooden Nickel Farm in Edinboro and we did a corn maze with a few friends. I had never done a corn maze before and it was huge (it took everyone at least an hour) but I am happy to report that Adam and I were able to collect all our marks and WIN the corn maze against our 3 other teams of friends. AND, we had Henry strapped to Adam's chest.

We we very proud.

Henry also tried peas for the first time on Friday night. It was his first food, besides cereal. His first vegetable. He made the BEST faces when eating it. Clearly, the taste was not what he expected but he shoveled down a few bites each night.

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Deb said...

Never heard of the Buffalo Wooden Nickel Farm....is it old? Maybe I have just forgotten.