Look What Our Wild Thing Can Do!




Now, I know the laundry basket is not a very safe place to pull-up but he was supervised by Powers, of course.
Just kidding.


C and G said...

awesome!! way to go Henry :)

About Miranda said...

Camille he really is the cutest thing ever!!!!

Elaine said...

Henry is so cute! Way cuter than the wild things in the movie.

lindsey said...

Woah!! I'm thinking that's very advanced!! What a strong boy! By the way...love the hoodie :).

Marylou said...

I agree w/ Lindsey! I was thinking that last night after we got off the phone that pulling up and crawling at 6 months is impressive!! Go H dawg!!

Jeff and Lauren said...

That boy is strong! The laundry basket is one of Will's favorite places too.