What Happens When...

you bring your husband with you to Sam's Club.
You end up with purchases like this.

Dearest Adam,

We do not run a day care and therefore do not need 3,200 animal crackers.



CaseyWiegand said...

oh id be in real trouble with that at my house!!!! I think I could eat the whole thing myself!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

They are delicious at first and then get gross and stale pretty quick. I know from experience! We go to CostCo once a month and love it. Maybe ziploc some up and give some to your friend to munch on?

lindsey said...

Haha...These are looking pretty good to me right now! You're a sweet wife to concede to the cracker overload.

Our Family said...

I gained my freshman 15 from animal crackers....come on, they are fat free!! : )