Henry & Cousin Cade

Too Many Girls! Henry and Some of His 2nd Cousins.


Henry & Big Cousin Caleb (And My Brother, Scott)

Henry Drenching Poppa Bob

Henry Eating His 8th Serving of Banana Pudding
with His Uncle Gabe.

Henry & His Momma Lulu on A Wagon Ride.

Henry & Some Sweet Cousins.

A big ol' pregnant girl could get used to this.

Lots of family around and always good food at hand. Many hands to help with Henry and he loves the constant entertainment. My girlfriends were in town for a fun lunch & pool visit. We just miss Adam.

My Mom and I made Pioneer Woman's sheet cake for our family get-together. It was yummmm. Mary Lou told me to use 1 cup of brewed coffee instead of the 1 cup of warm water next time for a more chocolatey taste. That's a little free tip from her to me to you.
Many More Pictures to Come!


Bethany said...

Looks like you guys are having a blast, so glad you get to have this time but we sure do miss you here in Erie.

Sarah Lynne said...

Miss you! Looks like fun!

adrian seney said...

Had fun hanging out with y'all. Henry is too cute. I love that he waves all the time. Can't wait to meet Jennings Baby #2. Audrey has already asked about coming over to hold him!!