Henry with his cousins & Poppa Bob in the tree house.

I fear that I have failed to document my trip to Louisiana well- actually, I know this is true because the camera hasn't been pulled out in over a week. Amongst visiting with friends & family, guesting at my Mom's book club, and general Henrying, we've eaten good food and I haven't been on but one walk since I've been here (that part is bad. I was walking every day beforehand.)

Incidentally (perhaps), people have commented on my baby belly. It is large. Very large. And people ain't afraid to vocalize that. Once I have a picture where I've (#1)showered and (#2)am looking at the camera and not shoving my face with banana pudding, I'll be sure to post it to show you. Us women in my family have large babies and I plead that I am all (or at least "mostly") baby. At least that's what my Mama tells me to make me feel better.

Time is so funny here. All the activities and routine that I use to mark time in Erie are gone and days fly by in a blur. In some ways, it's such a slow pace of life- I've enjoyed being here while I'm pregnant and loved spending hot southern days with Mama and Henry. The Lord has used this time to encourage and refresh my heart and I am glad.

Adam, El guapo...see you soon! I cannot wait.


The Tylers said...

I hate that you are SO close by and I haven't seen you! If ever you want to swing over for a playdate, we would LOVE to have you and sweet Henry!! I heard he has been wearing Mama LuLu out...enjoy your time with family!

Ann Miller said...

i'm so happy for you that you're getting to spend such great time at home!! enjoy!!

adrian seney said...

I agree with Aunt Lora, you are all baby! Beautiful as always! Girl, you speak the truth about growing big babies. Nothing wrong with that!!

Anonymous said...

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