Girl Time

me (on the right) shaking a leg at girls' group

Every week, I get together with a group of my gal pals at an event we call GG. GG stands for girls' group and it has been a staple in my weekly diet since Adam & I moved to Erie in 2007. Some faces have changed as girls moved away and new ones joined but the greatness has remained. These girls have listened to me, prayed for me, laughed with me, validated me, encouraged me, loved my kids & stood with me throughout these past four years.

This was meant to be a happy post- you know, girlfriends are great but as I was looking through my pictures I got really sad. I mean, these peeps have been there when my kiddos were born. We have been one anothers' families when our families were so far away. How can I leave them?!

I spend my days with two wonderful little guys and one wonderful big guy. But nothing can replace good girlfriends. I have been so blessed with great gal pals in childhood & high school, in college & roommates and now in Erie. I hope that you have some great girls to bring joy to your life, too!

Enjoy my girls' group walk down memory lane:

some of the girls group 2007

Christmas, 2009

girls group at Bethany's birthday- 2008

girlfriends when Henry was born, 2009

Christmas party, 2008
saying goodbye to some of our own, 2009

The first GG baby! Sarah is preggers, 2008.

slumber party, 2010

Halloween, 2009

wishing Aubrey a happy farewell, 2009

Halloween, 2008

Christmas, 2007

some of girls group 2011


Lora said...

WONDERFUL gift from God---our girl-friends! I know you hate leaving them---but on the bright side---you will be closer to "Yo Momma!"

Our Family said...

Oh you made me miss girls group so much!!! I loved seeing all your pictures! Wherever you go you will find more girlfriends, but they will not be the same as those girls we "survived" med school with! At least some of us have moved back to Texas and I will get to see you again soon!! I will be visiting so get ready! :)

Anonymous said...

I recently reconnected with my two high school best friends and we are making time for one another every month after a too-long hiatus of working, raising kids, keeping the house, and on and on. It's like we've NEVER been apart and we are right back in high school. I know we will NEVER drift apart again. There truly IS nothing like girlfriends....a gift from God.

Christie Lee said...

CRYING! Awesome post! You, my friend, will be missed so greatly! Start planning our yearly GG Get-a-ways! We will ALWAYS remain close.......thank goodness for blogs, FB, Twitter, Skype oh and I guess phones. :) But nothing beats a big circle of highs and lows.

The Tylers said...

So sweet Camille! Thanks for sharing.

Bethany said...

My heart is sad and happy at the same time. I love you friend!