My Google.

Before I was a Mom, I'd never have googled:

  1. How old is D.J. Lance?
  2. White poop toddler
  3. Is candle wax toxic?
  4. runny green poop baby
  5. complete lyrics for "going on a bear hunt"
  6. constipated baby
  7. how to make a good fort inside
  8. diarrhea remedies for toddler
  9. Is Bob the Builder dating Wendy?
  10. best stain remover?


brown eyed blogg said...

you are the cutest funniest person ever.

brown eyed blogg said...

when you move back lets plan a chio reunion in dallas. whoever can come.

Deg said...

The other day... I met a bear... a great big bear... a way up there!

Jeff and Lauren said...

Ahhh! What did you find out about Bob?? We have a book where I swear he's holding a baby at the end (he's in his recliner by the fireplace!!) I tease with Jeff that it's their love child!!

The Tylers said...

You are hilarious! So true. So true.

CaseyWiegand said...

this is hilarious and is candle wax toxic bc aiden ate some yesterday no joke!

Unknown said...

I just love that 4 (maybe 5 depending on what caused the carpet stain) have to do with poop! Hysterical!