photo by Brooke at River's party

I received some cute (seriously, they were cute...not cute as in annoying or rude!) comments after my remark on Sunday about needing another newborn stat! Although I do love sweet little newborns & would love more children one day, Adam and I have decided that another kiddo would be extremely difficult his first year out of medical school. His schedule will be really wild & crazy and we're going to just be getting adjusted.

Ok, just wanted to share.
or overshare.

Either way!


CaseyWiegand said...

ah i love it :). your fam is beautiful!!! your boys look so grown up!!!!!!

Brooke & Freeland said...

I dont think its over sharing (since I know you wanted my opinion) I did go back and look at the other comments.. cracked me up: give the girl some rest & sunshine and she wants another baby! too funny. All I ask is that you wait until we are closer so we can make sure we are at the hospital when you have the baby! So, please plan it around our schedules mmmk? thanks.

Hannah Lee said...

I catch myself wanting another baby one day and then I have the "I'm done for good" attitude another. Guess it depends on the amount of poopy diapers I change that day. Bottomline, you do what you and Adam want and it doesn't matter what anyone else says. Hope you know my comment earlier this week as all in good fun :)! You would be a good Momma to 2 or 22!