Bullies and More Boxes.

Most every woman in the blog world knows about Pioneer Woman and her infamous blog. I'm not a consistent reader but I have read it somewhat often, especially before I had kids. My friend, Mary Lou, had sent me Pioneer Woman's new book and I was telling some friends just that the other night when a friend told me that there were blogs dedicated to hating Pioneer Woman.

Weird, right? I didn't quite get it but I googled it the other night and found not just one but several blogs dedicated to picking apart, mocking & defaming the Pioneer Woman's blog. This is weird, right? These are grown women. I get having differences or disagreeing or even being annoyed by someone's blog but to take the time and initiative to create and consistently post on a blog that seeks to slander another blogger? I don't get it.

On happier matters, we are packing and got to play outside a bit with the boys. I mowed the yard (proud) and we are making progress with Mom here. Adam's graduation ceremony is on Sunday (Hello Doctor!) and we fly the coop on Monday. Today is my last Monday in Erie. Whoa.


Tiffany said...

Yes, weird. Sad, too. Hateful even. Good luck with your packing/moving/living/leaving. Yea for moms!! :)

Danny Lucas said...

"...but to take the time and initiative to create and consistently post on a blog that seeks to slander another blogger? I don't get it."
~~~Camille (Erie in her heart) Jennings

Awesome title for a final Monday in our town!
Bullies try to put you in THEIR boxes and give you no control of YOU.

I had not heard the blogger story you noted, but have been on the receiving end of such bullies, as a commenter. The attacks were relentless, including doing what you noted....he opened a blog and called it "Danny's Place".

Roughly 60 posts were nothing but pornography, racism, hate, juvenile statements, and a profile attack on my family.
The implication that my mom was a prostitute was a major stab, as the day I read it, I had just come home from the cemetery, placing flowers on her grave.

I amassed every post made, had excellent legal advice, and in the end, a bit of help from Mike at Erie Blogs helped to show the multiple personalities of this person.

The intent is beyond bullying.
As my name is used so wrongfully, it accumulates on Google, affecting jobs, credit, dating, and more. It is a pervasive insecurity trying to be a somebody, but destroying me in the process.

Danny used an Avatar of a tooth-missing colored man crying out. He is a Follower still, on the blogs of many Grace folks.
His pseudo can not be hurt online as it is not his real name, but my real name can be hurt.
Hence, exposure was needed and Mike helped a lot on last December 30th, 2010 in Comments and his post.

Danny's Place
and several more names are all the same person.
He currently posts online at Erie Blogs in comments everywhere under the name Alfred, using the Mad magazine Avatar of Alfred E. Neuman.

The local blog "Books, Toys, and Games" has a comment by "Danny" and the Avatar is Alfred.
Click on that and you will see at the base, the name is Pennyworth.
It is deja vu all over, and the audience is again unsuspecting.

For the first time in my life, I saw someone create a blog for the specific purpose of destroying my name. BULLIES, putting who they want in BOXES of hate.

I am so glad you wrote on this.
My greatest shock was the sheer number of people who know me, and how I write comments, allowing the spirit of hate to spew from this man on their sites. I lost a lot of respect for several local blogs.

If you post a comment from Alfred, you are posting from a multiple personality disordered person.

Your final Monday in Erie has a post that is among your finest, for the truth and wisdom revealed.

Come back to Erie again Camille.
Our community will thrive when more folks like you and your family, friends like Brooke and her family, and all the Med Tagalongs decide to raise a family right here one day.

Wherever your journey is ordained by God, Erie PA has benefitted by His ordaining your steps to us for a season in your life.
Your children will always be Erie-ites!

Lora can take a bow for a job well done in making character formation come alive in you.

Revelations says there are four walls in Heaven and each has three gates. When you get up there, ask the first person you see, "Which way is East?".
Walk that direction they point, until you come to a wall...the Eastern Wall. Go to the Middle gate.

I'll meet you just inside the middle Eastern Gate of Heaven, as all the fun people in life are gathering there.

In the meantime, have a marvelous journey in life.
May y'all be blessed, as you have blessed us!

Best regards,
Danny Lucas

Hannah Lee said...

Whoa is right-- on both ends. I completely understand the freedom of speech. You are supposed to embrace it, love it, but I think it also comes the an underlining understanding to be curteous and respectful. Or maybe I just think with too many rainbows and butterflies?! Either way, you go girl! GOOD LUCK WITH THE MOVE! I am feeling you all the way down here...

MrsOgg said...