Crazy May.

Dear Bethany & Justin at our slumber party

This is already a crazy May. Friday, we hit it off big with my 3rd annual Girls' Group slumber party. It was legendary! We made a mix tape, friendship bracelets, played Just Dance & ate junk food. I love my girlfriends.

Saturday night, we all threw a Happy Adopting shower for our friends, the Lynne's. They had just finished their adoption classes and are in the middle of interviews so we had a big party with their favorite foods, drinks & treats. It was such a cool celebration- over at Brooke & Freeland's. (Shout Out- Brooke did a ton of hard work for the party & made it look so cute with her decorations.)

Yesterday, we had an Open House. Actually, let me back up: Last week, we got an offer on the house & accepted it. They are approved for their mortgage but the inspection is TOMORROW at 9 a.m. Once that is done, I will feel like whew. Yes. The house is sold. But we had the Open House anyway since our realtor said it's always wise to have back-ups.

We have had get-togethers and parties every weekend with our friends and I have loved it! However, Henry is pooped. He spent most of the Lynne's party asking Adam if they could sit in our car (and they did most of the party). We had some good down time today, only leaving to go to the Y and the grocery store.

Speaking of grocery store, taking my boys to the grocery store is hilarious. Henry is in that little car attached to the front of the buggy, Elliot is strapped to my chest & I am grabbing food left and right. The only hiccup today was the check-out line where lots of shiny & colorful gum packages were displayed right within Henry's eye-level and arm-reach.

Love to you all, going to go pack up some boxes for our yard sale. (I told you, May is crazy!)


CaseyWiegand said...

so funny! i strap aiden to my back, its wild! love u!!

Hannah Lee said...

I am so glad yall sold your house! Will you please zap me some of that house-selling energy fast?! Lots going on, but I know you are excited about getting your roots back in Texas!

lindsey said...

So awesome that you have an offer on your house!! What a blessing! It took us a whole year, but then again, it was the perfect timing :). Glad you guys are doing well!

Joanna said...

Whoohoo! MAY!!! Praise God for the offer on your house, praying it all goes smoothly for your transition! Colby was in Philadelphia last week for his PE Exam, said it was very pretty...so that's a plus if we end up having to secede!

Bethany said...

nice photo :) I'm exhausted and still recovering from the weekend but it was totally worth it!