Bravo! Gopa!!

It was Fantastiko'....

We went to Greek Fest tonight with our Erie other half, the Allens. I wish i had cool greek heritage. All I know is that one of my mom's relatives came over on the Mayflower as an indentured servant and was the 1st man put in stocks in the new world. Brilliant! oh, Edward Doty. And I think my dad is scott/irish/italian or something. But Greek fest was so fun. There were TONS of people there. And surprisingly no references to the amazing power of Windex. We started out the night with a cold one & a gyro. It was good! Then we toured the church. It was beautiful. It reminded us of the churches that we saw in Spain. Very ornate.

Then we saw some sassy dancers. They were very impressive but we were mainly enamored with one fellow. He always looked as if he was sick or quite hungover and about to pass out. His facials were awesome.

They did a lot of traditional greek dances and Adam even commented that he could just see them dancing around king arthur's court.

Then, the best dance came. Suddenly, the guys walked off. We thought they were going to fetch some water for sick/ hungover guy, but they went and got a table. Then they lifted up the table and hoisted this happy guy on it. He danced a jig and reminded us of Elf's dance in the mailroom. It was impressive!

me hanging out with some greek dancers by the dumpsters. No big deal.

The dancing wasn't only for the costumed.

Then we had some greek pastries. I gotta be honest, as much as I liked the gyros, the pastries weren't really my type. I have really refined tastes like chocolate chip cookie dough and gobstoppers. haha.

Adam with the assortment of pastries.

And then Sarah & Josh bought the loaf. Its kinda like a funnel cake without powdered sugar. And in the shape of a huge loaf. Drizzled with honey.

amazing dancing shoes

Okay, this guy was a card. He was an older fellow who played percussion. He took a smoke break between every song and sometimes smoked even during the songs. Multi-tasker.

Other pictures from the night:

Greek Fest was fantastic. Best people watching around and lots of fun culture.

Next stop: Polish Fest.


Lora said...

All words come from the Greek!
Looks like a great time!


Heather said...

Zabawa the Erie Polish festival doesn't usually happen until the end of August. Some other great activities would be the North East Cherry festival from July 10-14 and Harborfest (including hot air baloons) in Harborcreek which should be coming up soon.

Drew said...

Looks like you had fun, but you missed out on our own home town fesival---Juneteenth. Wasn't the same without you there!