In a previous entry, I posted a picture of our horrifying bathroom carpet. Adam and I applied to every stinking hgtv and tlc show possible, just on the offchance that our old bathroom could get a free fix up. Yet, we still haven't heard and so we have taken matters into our own hands. Today the carpet was pulled up. Adam is currently sanding the gunk and junk off the wood floors but by tonight it promises to be stained and in a nice condiiton. People who staple carpet padding and carpet over beautiful wood floors are crazy.

Sorry we don't have any exciting Erie stories. We haven't really done anything too exciting the past couple of days besides reading, working out at the YMCA, cooking with friends, church, and walking Powers. Later we'll post some pictures of the after product of the anti old ladying of our bathroom floor. I'm sure you're all so excited you may or may not be able to maintain bladder control.

Oh, also for those who asked. I called today and won't know about the job until the end of the month. Glorious unemployment.

Until then....

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Brooke & Freeland said...

Yeah you are!! I cant wait to see the pictures of the finished product! Go Adam!! Im still crossing my fingers that TLC and all the other networks call yall back though because yall would be perfect people for the show! OR maybe they have .. and its "while you were out"... so you just dont know about it cause Adam is going to surprise you?? Maybe! Just a thought..