I'm sure everyone in Erie knows this, but for our pals in the south, Millcreek Mall is the name of the mall in Erie.....
I typed in 'Milcreek Mall' and according to wikipedia:
"..... rumor that the mall was purposely built by the Mafia, in the shape of a gun pointed at Erie's municipal building."

This weekend we dogsat for our friends' dog, Lila. Lila is a shih tzu who looks kinda like a wookie!

She & Powers hit it off and now they are good pals.

Also, we went to the Erie zoo yesterday. Our favorite exhibit was the Polar Bear! Stinking cool! We had never seen one aside from a coca-cola Chrsitmas commercial.

and the saddest gorilla ever. He had a little stuffed gorilla friend but he was all alone other than that. It said that lowland gorillas live in family units of 5 or 6 their whole lives and so we decided maybe he was lonely and sad maybe. He needs a hug.

and some of the other animals...

Today we went to church & then did some geocaching around town! If you don't know, geocaching is the amazing sport of hide and go seek, vamped up. People hide caches of all different types & sizes all over the world (even in antarctica!) and then they post the coordinates online at geocaching.com. Then we use our gps to find these caches. The GPS points a direction and gives you how far away it is, but its up to you to find a way to get to it. We love it. Some of our favorite caches in Waco were at Cameron Park. It is like activity based marriage counseling. or enhancement. or something.
We're big dorks.

This week, I find out if I got a 2nd interview for the admissions position....


Lora said...

Whose foot is sticking out of the gorilla's mouth? Maybe he had heartburn.

Heather said...

Hey Jennings! Glad you liked the zoo. It's small but a lot of fun. The Gorilla is actually a she and her name is Samantha. She was one of the last baby gorillas bought with green stamps. Samantha's long time partner, Rudy, passed away from old age a few years ago and the zoo tried to get her some friends. Unfortunately, both gorillas they tried to ship here died in transit due to a heart problem that was not recognized before they were sedated.
Samantha's my favorite at the zoo. She gets lots of love from the staff. When I used to volunteer there I was told she gets a bedtime story read to her ever night.

freakface said...

OK, before EVERYBODY else gets in here,
1) The Millcreek Mall was built by Cafaro, and yes, it does point at City Hall (which, by the way, is in the City of Erie. The Millcreek Mall is in Millcreek Township, which is south of the City.

2) We HAD two polar bears (brothers) until last year. They were a great attraction at the zoo, as they were playing with each other constantly. Unfortunately last year Alcor broke his leg one night. He was transported to the University of Pennsylvania for surgery to repair it (the same people who worked on Barbaro). Enroute back from U. of PA to Cleveland Metroparks Zoo for recoup time he died.

3) Ah, the romance of Rudy and Samantha. Rudy and Samantha were the Zoo's African Lowland Gorilla pair. They were both older. Rudy, in fact, was 40 years old, believed to be the oldest Gorilla in captivity at the time of his death in 2005 (Gorillas can live 30-50 years). Gorillas mate for life, and Samantha appeared to be heartbroken. The Zoo staff, in an attempt to help lift her spirits, gave her a stuffed Gorilla. She has held it, cuddled it, and carried it around pretty much every minute since, and it seems to have helped her cope. So, the Gorilla is a girl, not a boy, and the stuffed animal may have been her lifesaver.