this is it...

Its here! Adam registers tomorrow and his orientation begins. He is a mixture of excitement and nervous. He is going to make it though, that man. Our hope is in the Lord!
Husband will be in class everyday til 5 this 1st year. and then studying at night, of course. Coffee much?

A moment to brag on Adam. Talk about the best husband living. funny. Puts up with my crazy crazies. visionary. Hard-working, disciplined. can stomp a joke into the ground. Content. Satisfied with what he's got. The cutest science geek. A strong man, literally and figuratively. A man who banks his life on the promises of God. compassionate. a bookworm. loves being outside. considerate of peoples' feelings. always himself. secure. Must follow directions to a T. handsome. silly. loves his dog. a grateful son. patient. kind. athletic. granola. trustworthy. rejoicing. good stories. driven. faithful. solid. good laugh. childlike. and all around, the bestest husband around.

go adam.

future dr. jennings

in related craziness, i have signed up for the houston marathon in january! Well, with adam in med school, i got the time to train, folks. I'm excited- my mom & her crazy running buddies are running it and possibly my besty! Hooray for running long distances! and hydration belts. giddyup

speaking of my mom and her wild buddies- they are in canada hiking this week- you can read all about it at oldladyathletewannabe.blogspot.com or just click on "mom" at the side of this blog. they are some buff young women.


Gabe said...

you kids are storybook-nonfiction.

Lora said...

what do you mean crazy friends?????
We are so proud of Adam. Thank you, God!