good company & speed scrabble

Tonight we joined our pals, Sarah & Josh and their wookie, at their casa for some bbq at best man's house (anyone get the reference?)
it wasn't really bbq with best man it was hamburgers & good vino & games. Sarah is the next Martha Stewart minus legal dilemnas and served us inventive & delicious appetizers & food, not to mention the best brownie sunday this side of the Mississippi.

Then we taught them the most delectable and mind stimulating game of the century. A little competition we like to call, Speed Scrabble. Whatever you thought you knew about Scrabble, well just throw it out the window. The boring waiting around for 30 minutes while Susie tries to find a word to fill the 3 remaining spaces between x and q... forget about it. Speed Scrabble is completely engaging and the most fun that big geeks can have outside of mathletes.

Adam and I have been spending outrageous amounts of time together, what with my not working yet and his not starting med school yet. As we spend these vast seas of time together, our sense of humor morphs into the weirdest, most unintelligible thinglet ever, disenabling us from spending time with other homo sapiens. we're tired, we know. but we're here to stay.. just like that durned rock n roll music those kids are listening to these days.

Also, greek fest is this weekend! get ready for gyros! and if you pronounce it phonetically, get prepared to be shunned.

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Jenson said...

Speed Scrabble sounds fun. I like the "boring" version though too but waiting for the other person to go can be a test to one's patience