gone a-pickin'

i found my thrill
on blueberry hill...
-Fats Domino

Today my pal, Sarah, and I went to pick blueberries at a farm. Adam loves blueberries so much that he makes that kid on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory look neutral. Anyways, blueberries are expensive at the store, but if you drive down 99 you'll hit a farm that sells them for 2.50 a QUART if you pick them yourself.
The day was warm but Sarah and I talked about everything under the sun and I got stung by a bee on my middle finger. Actually, it was my 1st bee sting of my life!! 24 years sans bee sting and then boom.

the bushes

me searching for that perfect berry

sarah is a speedy picker

Then, Sarah & I were driving back to her house and we passed the new chic-fil-a that they are building They had the cow out front holding up a sign that said free chicken sandwiches! anyways, josh, sarah's husband loves the chickfila chicken sandwich and so we pulled a u-ie and drove up.

thanks, udderless cow.
good day


Rachael said...

LOL - I hate akward hugs. One happened to me this morning. I think a lot of the problem comes from living in the South. Everyone hugs here except in a professional setting. So, I've been trained all my life to be a hug giver and now all the sudden I'm stuck in limbo. This morning I did some akward lean in, look like I'm going to hug you, movement and then switched to just crossing my arms and giving them a rather akward smile - AWESOME!

On another note- I totally feel you on trying to help your husband study, but you can't really pronounce the words on the flashcards. Aaron insisted on having me help him study Greek. It was a hilarious catastrophe!

Lora said...

CAMILLE-YOU SKINNY THING! You didn't tell Momma how skinny you had gotten! Why doens't running affect me that way? Mrs. Sandra will want to know how many quarts you picked! The girls will be SO jealous-our berries have been gone.

the Jennings secede from the South said...

oh puh-lease mom.
or should i say twiggy?

Danny Lucas said...

The blueberries and other fruit in the area are always cheaper to "pick-your-own".

But, it is not the price; it is the priceless you have gathered.

Each bite of each blueberry bursts with flavor; purchased at a price.

But the thought that someone loved enough to spend their day gathering each morsel of flavor...for the sole reason that it was something you like....has to make Adam understand the meaning of priceless.

Long after the flavor of the blueberries has left the palate of his mouth, the memory of knowing the true gift given that day will linger and become part of the tapestry of a life well lived....together.


"Forget the former things. See...I am making a new way for you in the desert; can't you perceive it?"
---Isaiah 43:17? 18? off the top of my head

ps. the bee sting will long be remembered as part of the gift as well. What love can be transferred from one heart to another without a tiny pain to the giver?

God bless you abundantly for perceiving ALL He has given you.