Aliyah Hair.

My friend Brooke is trying to figure out her next hair-move (feel free to vote on her blog!) and it reminded me of my many hair mishaps over the years. I am a recovering dye/color-aholic and have had my hair many a hue. One hair mistake of note:

1. When I was a freshman in college, I had really short hair and decided to get extensions. After all, celebrities get them all the time and their hair looks great, right? So, my friend, Mary Hurst, and I went down to a place called Queens by La'trice one Saturday morning and I spent 4 hours in the chair. (La'trice had me pick up my extensions from a beauty supply the day before). First of all, she braided all of my hair to my head (very tightly- ow). Then, she sewed the extensions onto my hair. Then, she trimmed up the extensions into a fashionable, layery cut. The only problem? Well, I basically had African American hair on my pale, freckly Caucasian face. It was like Aliyah's hair on my head (rest in peace). It just did not look right, people. Plain and simple.

I left the extensions in for approximately three days. I spent most of these three days with my hair in a ponytail. Then, my scalp was itching and I couldn't reach it except by jamming pencil lead into my skull and so I surrendered and walked down to my friend Mary's dorm room and she cut out all my extensions.

P.S. I only have one photo documenting this hair excursion. It was taken on a disposable camera and my hair is in a ponytail at a Baylor football game. I kinda wish I had some more documentation for you.


Danny Lucas said...

Though I have 8 sisters, and 2 daughters, this being a woman thing appears much tougher to do than ever imagined by any guy!

I saw a woman dump her purse on the table in a hurried search for an implement to do something.
There must be 40 itsy bity
"brushes" in there alone!

There were nearly a dozen things laying around on the table there I could NOT identify.
(This was NOT covered in high school "shop").

I think our local colleges should offer a Bachelor of Arts program in Purse Parts Identification.
(B.A. PPI, a 4 year course minimum).

The most baffling thing in there is a pair of scissors that do not cut. They are tipped with a "half moon" that goes up and down in a squeeze motion.
Ron Popeil could market these on a TV Paid Advertisement time, but someone would have to tell him what the gizmo is first. It might be made by Norelco, but looks torture-like to me. DO NOT TOUCH this thing.

As for Brooke, there is an easy solution. I once saw a picture of her posted around anniversary time.
She was a bride in that picture. If there is a person in Erie with the ability to clone that,...do that again and again! That haircut looked fine to me.

It scares me to think of the tools she must soon face for a woman haircut.
They use aluminum foil at some point; I walked out when I saw this once.

This makes root canal seem reasonable instead.
I hope Brooke has insurance for this procedure. I hope Mr. Freeland has prayer. I hope extensions are outlawed via earmark in the next bailout for ladies across the land.

Lora said...

OH, CAMILLE-that "hair story" is the tip of the iceberg!

adrian seney said...

That is the funniest thing I have heard in a while! Thanks for sharing.....I WISH there were more documentation. I would love to see it!! Do you still have the picture? Could you mail it home for us?

Hannah Lee said...

Umm...I am pretty sure I would pay some money to see a picture of that! HIL-ARIOUS!

Danielle said...

:::moment of silence for aliyah:::

freakface said...

Hair pic doesn't show on my machine :-(

CDE said...

Camille...this is so funny...La'trice knew better than to do that to your hair! LOL! i had extensions for my bachelorette party, and my wedding...i got them done twice...it looked great but itched like a MUTHA! i wore them for a week the first time, and about a week the second...my husband cut out my extensions during our honeymoon cause i couldnt take it anymore!

Anonymous said...