Mayo Boy

Back to the grind after returning from a nice Thanksgiving in Louisiana with my family. Such a wonderful, fast trip. We got to have a lot of family bonding time and enjoy fall down south (Yes, they are still in fall unlike us wintery northern dwellers). Adam announced he was never eating again on our flight back yesterday (Then we got pizza in the Memphis airport).

The cool news is that we are feeling the baby move! It started Tuesday night when I was laying in bed. All of a sudden, it was like my cell phone was vibrating inside my abdomen. That little munchkin was moving! Then, the next morning after we'd sprinted through the looong psychadelic tunnel system of the Detroit airport and finally been seated on our plane (in the nick of time!), I had a bite of a peanut butter bar that Brooke had made for us and our son must've liked it because he started moving like crazy again. This time, though, it was more like bubbles inside of me.

Side Note: When I relayed this story to my family, my eldest brother suggested that we name our son "Bubbles." Manly, huh?

Anyways, it is so incredible to feel this little guy moving around. Adam even got to feel it on Thursday morning. The whole new kicking revelation made me so excited to meet him and cuddle his little cute self. He is definitely a tiny miracle baby (Not to be confused with Miracle Whip baby...he is not a mayo boy).

P.S. Mom, will you send me the pictures from Thanksgiving? Thanks.