Fa Ra Ra

One of my neighbor's has a lamp in his front window that is an exact replica of the leg lamp from the Christmas Story.

I almost drove the car into the ditch the first time I passed it, I was laughing so hard. Genius, I tell you. And class.

Adam & I attended a one-year-old's birthday party yesterday. He was so sad to be pulled away from his presents (or at least the wrapping paper) to go and eat his first piece of cake. He had no idea what he was about get into. His life was about to change...forever.

He stared the cake down and hesitantly reached for the it, alternating right hand then left hand, right hand then left hand. Then he dug his hand in for his first bite of oreo cake (or any cake for that matter). And he brought his clenched fist to his lips and slowly, carefully released the delicious chocolate into his mouth and the house filled with his sweet laughter. It was a sight to be seen.

He continued until moments later, he chunked the entire plate into the air and half of the cake landed on his high chair tray (score!) and the other half on the floor (score for the dog!)

Speaking of, I do think that Powers will make a good clean-up crew for our son's messy eating days.


Lora said...

Fun Party! That first cake is a sight to behold. We lead the Little Children down the path to Sugar Addiction, One by One.

The Tylers said...

Love the lamp story!! And and the cake story as well:). Jake would not touch his first birthday cake and i was so disappointed. Oh well!!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Everyone should have one of those lamps in their window!

freakface said...

For Junior's first, please ensure the presence of a smash cake. Just ask for it, the bakeries all know what it is.

You could also go with the Baskin & Robins or Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake...yummy...

Anonymous said...

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