And the grand total is...






28 days.

4 weeks.

10 pounds.

Yes, it's true. I went in for my doctor's appt. yesterday afternoon and the scale said I was up 10 pounds from a mere 4 weeks (to the day) ago. HOLY COW! I had a minor panic attack and then, when the doctor came in, I bombarded her with the news.

"Did you know I gained 10 lbs. this month?!"

She said not to worry and that it was totally fine, she was not worried about my weight gain and, after all, we had just had the holidays.

(Plus, I'd always been weighed in the morning and, again, everyone knows that morning weight is NOT afternoon weight.)

So, I'm trying to relax about it. I am going to watch the junk food a little more carefully (hopefully now that the holidays are winding down, the cakes, cookies, and candy will not be as omnipresent.) because that junk food doesn't benefit me or the baby (excluding ice cream...hello, calcium!!! ha ha.) But I'm still going to eat well because, hey...I'm pregnant. And baby is hungry.

According to my original weight, my weight gain should be 25-35 pounds by delivery. We will see though.

So, week 25...I'm up 17 lbs. from my original weight.

(Allow me to point out that my dear mother gained like 17 lbs her ENTIRE PREGNANCY. Silly thin woman.)


Lora said...

OH-Camille! You just need a little touch of your Momma's OCD! I also was hungry almost all of the time, but only allowed myself 3meals a day. WHAT AN IDIOT I CAN BE! Does make me wonder just how big my Whoppers would have been had I not be careful. GOOD GRIEF, CHARLIE BROWN!

Bethany said...

You go girl!

kjsonntag said...

keep on eating, my friend! and post some christmas pics of you and baby j (and adam, of course!).

i am in waco today - cg's is closed though. so sad.

The Tylers said...

My mom only gained around 17-20 pounds with all her kids and I think that is overrated!!!! You look great! Please don't worry too much about it..you WILL get it off and once you see that precious boy, you will know he was worth every SINGLE pound.

Hannah Lee said...

Ditto- to Suzanne's comment. Don't sweat one second of it. Really, enjoy every ridiculously wonderful mouth of food that you eat!

Deb said...

I didn't do as well as your Mama....26 lbs with Joshie boy, but it took me years to get rid of it all...and he was just a half ounce short of 9 lbs. I know you will not have any trouble in that area!

adrian seney said...

Camille, you KNOW your mom is not normal (sorry, Aunt Lora, it needed to be said)!! You are very healthy and young...nothing to worry about. Stop stressing....you will drop all of it - I KNOW!!

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

Don't Freak......ALL of my pregnancies went like this. Lose a couple of pounds, gain like 1, Maybe 2 lbs at the most and there was always 1 month in the middle where I gained 7.....7 lbs. I knew it was coming. It happened with all 3. It still makes your blood pressure shoot up to the heavens when you hear 7 lbs. when last month you just lost 1 or gained 1 1/2. I never gained more than 27 lbs with any of mine total. Sad thing is....I know people that gained like 80 lbs and there stomach is flat as a bored. grrrrrrr

Obsessive Foodie or Food Addict....You Decide said...

That is a cute shirt or dress or whatever it is.

Anonymous said...

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