Let us rejoice!

Liquid diet stopped, Stomach problems ceased... Praise the Good Lord!

I like to think that Baby Boy is enjoying the return to normal foods too. (Did you know that the amniotic fluid he drinks tastes different according to what the mom eats?) So I'm sure he's glad to not be drinking sprite and (gag me) chicken broth.

I was reading the beginning of Luke this morning where a pregnant Mary walks in and says "Hey!" to Elizabeth (pregnant with John the Baptist) and John the Baptist leaps for joy in her womb and Elizabeth was immediately filled with the Holy Spirit and knew it was the Messiah in Mary's womb. How cool was that?!?


Anonymous said...

oh gosh! You will have to fill me in on all the gory details of the liquid diet. Eeek...glad for you that is over.

I always have thought it would be super neat to be pregnant at this time of year...really gives you a neat picture of what Mary might have felt/experienced (minus the donkey ride, no medical care, and giving birth in a stable part)

Lora said...

I know "Baby J' leaps each and everytime his Momma goes to Her Father in prayer and the Holy Spirit within her intercedes for her. What a blessing! I am thankful for an answer to prayer with restored health.

freakface said...

Hallelujah! Bring on the stale peeps and the tuna-crusted potato chips!

lesli said...

you poor poor dear! liquid diet is no fun anytime... can't even imagine how awful it would be preggo! glad you're through with that!

Hannah Lee said...

YAH! YAH! More meat for Momma! So glad things are getting back in the regular rhythm......hehe.

Anonymous said...


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