Pee Pee TeePee

Hope y'all are having a happy Thursday. This week is flying by and that's always a good thing in my book. Although it does mean that Christmas will be here and gone before you know it. So absorb the season!  Hurry before it's too late!  Run!  Faster, faster!  Christmas is almost here!!!


Thanks for all the diaper bag advice.  I really appreciate the help and am currently looking at some options for cute...yet affordable...yet durable... diaper bags.  Also, I loved the comments about about little boys spraying the walls (Have you seen that hilarious diaper commercial?!)  Have y'all heard of the pee pee teepees?  Ha Ha- click here.    It's a hoot.  Perhaps practical though?  

So, when I was home, Mary Lou gave me some hand me down maternity clothes which I will have to show you the best of later. The best being a huge mu-mu night shirt that says "Bundle of Joy."  Her husband informed us that there was nothing like seeing your 8 month pregnant wife come out of the bathroom every night wearing that beauty.

Click here for pictures of Mary Lou's sweet baby girl! We got to see her over Thanksgiving and she is a doll baby!


Hannah Lee said...

How I wish someone had told me about pee-pee teepees sooner. I heard about them about 6 weeks after Jackson was born! Go run, hurry, invest in some...you will be sprayed upon sooner than you think :)--it was the first diaper change in the hospital for us...just remember urine is sterile if its fresh so if it gets in his eye don't freak out like I did

Lora said...

TMI-I survived TWO boy babies without a Tee TEE TEE PEE. You just put a REAL cloth diaper over the sprayer while changing the diaper-DUH!

Our Family said...

The baby girl is adorable! I can't believe that was Adam's first time to hold a baby...I will have to bring Addy over so he can have some more practice!!!

Brooke & Freeland said...

thats too funny that Bethany picked those out for you the same day you posted this! What a great gift!

Anonymous said...

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