The Year of the Baby

End of week 25 Baby Belly.
(I am wearing a pre-maternity dress that was suddenly about 6 inches shorter than the last time I wore it.  How strange!)

I was concerned about my ability to stay up past 9 p.m. last night.  We were invited to a New Year's party and I was excited to go but not confident that I'd be able to ring in the new year.  However, I surprised myself.   I took a quick power nap on the couch when I got home from work and then had a swig of Adam's coffee and got ready for the party.  Lo and behold, Adam and I stayed at the party til 1 a.m.!   (Impressive for Adam "Grandpa" Jennings, too!)

Well, I couldn't let this young feller out party me:

Our youngest New Year party guest.  3 weeks old.

Bill & Christie (the hosts) had a make-your-own sushi bar and a variety of other appetizers and delicioso foods and drinks.  The night flew by and we had a fantastic New Year's.  I forgot to take many pictures but I know that Brooke will take care of me there...(she's better about remembering to use her camera.)


Adam playing Dominoes with some fellers.

A closer look at his dominoes. Oooh.

Happy 2009 to you friends.  It's good to know that, no matter what the year or circumstances,  God is the same today, yesterday, and forever.  


brown eyed blogg said...

your belly is so cute!! you look awesome!!! the dress i wore to that wedding was my senior prom dress! LOL.

Lora said...

AMEN to your closing!

kjds said...

amen! and i love the belly pic! oh camille!! i am excited about that baby boy coming your way ... p.s. common grounds AND spice were closed yesterday, so beth had to take me to a "new" spot which was spice-ish and very fun.

Anonymous said...

yay! Finally a cute belly pic to update us :) I love it and you are adorable. Might I ask you to remember when you came to visit and I sacked out around 11pm on the couch while you and Brian battled it out with Trivial Pursuit? I'm impressed with the 1am you guys!