A picture my brother put up on facebook of me from my early years...wonder years.

  I had a doctor's appointment today.  Don't worry- this wasn't a 10 pound month, you'll be glad to know.  It was a 6 pound month which seems much better I think.  So, weight gain total equals 23 pounds.  The doctor was pleased.

  I also had my glucola/gestational diabetes test today.  this entails drinking a sugary orange drink (like uncarbonated Sunkist) 30 minutes before your appointment and then having blood drawn to check on your blood sugar levels.  If you fail your test (dum, dum, dummmmm), you have to go back after drinking an even more sugary drink and have your blood drawn for three hours.   Yikes.  I hope I got an "A". 

  Speaking of sweet orange drink (or not), my friend Lauren had her baby today!  7 lbs. 11 oz., little William Marc.  Aww, can't wait to meet him.  

And...to continue the Honest Facts from yesterday (dum, dum, dummmm again), here we go:

3.  Adam is my personal alarm clock.  He wakes up at the butt crack of dawn and studies and then comes upstairs later on and wakes me up despite my grumblings and mutterings.  He will wave my arms around or tickle me or give me wet willies...whatever it takes.  But he's a trooper.  Good man, good man. 

4.  I, like Jen, rarely listen to the whole voicemail message.  Usually, once I hear who it's from, I delete it mid-message...unless the person is bawling (we broke up...) or ecstatic (I'm engaged).


The Tylers said...

Cute post! You always make me smile. Not muh longer now!!

Hannah Lee said...

Wet willies, huh? Thats a dedicated husband! Can't wait for the next two!

Lora said...

SEE if I ever call you and leave a message again!

adrian seney said...

I totally hit delete during voice mails, too. There is no need to hear that...can discuss when you call back.

Bethany said...

You erase my messages. Maybe I'll start calling crying. But wait, your phone never even gets my messages. Probably cuz it's hidden somewhere in my car where you tend to leave it.