the Burden of Knowledge?

Sometimes I think that medical school has made my husband a bit of a hypochondriac.  Maybe not a hypochondriac but it does make him a little obsessive around certain subjects.  For example, Adam is currently in the gastrointestinal portion of medical school.  One of the diseases they have been studying is periodontal disease and acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (yummy!) and the effects on your body.  So, Adam has become the tartar police.  He has been brushing his teeth religiously and thoroughly.

 Many times a day.

 I swear, his gums are going to recede into his toes from heavy brushing.  And he's been showing me how to
correctly use my sonicare toothbrush to correctly remove plaque by the gums and prevent infection.  Also, he doesn't approve of my flossing techniques any longer.  They are ineffective.  and horrifying. 

Ah, the adventures of being married to a medical student.  Can you imagine the obsessiveness once we have a kid?


Lora said...

Adam needs to read about the effects of TOO vigorous brushing of the gums. I am not a doctor, but my dentist has warned me about OVER doing!

Hannah Lee said...

Hahahahha! He is going to be such a good Daddy! And you know, I believe the men worry worse than the women when it comes to kids. Mine sure does! Well, atleast Baby J will stay healthier than most with his Dr. Daddy!

Bethany said...

I do appreciate Adam being protective and taking care of his, your's, and Powers oral health.

My dentist did say it was very important for us pregnant women to take extra care in cleaning our teeth while pregnant.

And I am a big advocate for good oral hygeine affecting your over all health.

Deb said...

Josh is a sonicare toothbrush officianado himself...they could get together and compare their techniques.

I too am a fan, but don't use my Sonicare EVERY SINGLE DAY...but I must say it is good to know that Adam takes what he learns very seriously.