For Mom.

Here are the two windows in the nursery:

And (a portion of) both:

My mom needed pictures of the two windows in the nursery (former guest room) so that we can decide on some new window treatments.  However she couldn't open the pictures in her email so here we go.  

 Adam is a superstar and moved all the furniture to the new and improved tiny guest room and stripped out all the carpet to reveal some saweeeeet wood floors.  Adam & Freeland also touched it up with paint and built some shelves in the tiny 1930's closets and a hanging bar in each one.  

I can't wait 'til it's ready!


The Tylers said...

I can already see a beautiful nursery!!!! Oh I know how excited you are!

Hannah Lee said...

Love it! The wood floors are gorgeous and are going to look great with all that adorable baby gear!