Shower In A Box.

The nicest thing happened to me on Friday.  I received a huge box in the mail from these gals:

top row:  Mary Lou, me  
bottom row:  Janie, Linzie, and Sarah

and this gal in the middle:
Mrs. Faye (Mary Lou's mom)

Mary Lou, Janie, Sarah, and Linzie have been my friends for years.  We all grew up in Ruston and have all been a part of each other's proms, weddings, babies, and other life events.  They are my hometown pals and I love them.  So, since I can't fly during my 3rd trimester and come to Ruston for a shower.  They sent me a SHOWER IN A BOX!  

Now, you may ask yourself...what is a shower in a box? Well, it contained plates, cups, lemonade, and petit fours (a must for any southern shower).

Powers and I opening the petit fours...yummm.

The box also included a pool for the baby J's birthday & weight, words of  mothering wisdom written out by my girlfriends, a sweet poem and gift card, and many, many gifts!

 It was the most wonderful surprise and my parents were here just in time to participate in the shower "ooooh" ing and "aaah" ing.  Girls, y'all are too thoughtful and I felt so loved.  The gifts were so cute.  Thank you for my shower in a box!

Adam got a gift, too.  "Be Prepared" for new dads.  It even tells you how to change a diaper at a crowded sporting event.  

Who doesn't love a good onesie?

and breast pads!


Brooke & Freeland said...

PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!! I really did start to cry when you told me that on Saturday! The pictures are cute too! And everything they sent you is ADORABLE!!!!!!!

adrian seney said...

What sweet friends!!!

Hannah Lee said...

Oh My! How blessed are you! I absolutely love the collared onesie! They even remembered the petit fores and breast pads (a staple item if you ask me)! LOVE IT!

Kitten said...

What fantastic friends you have - that must have been such a great surprise!

Bethany said...

That is so sweet Camille! Way to go Ruston friends for being so thoughtful and loving to Camille. She definitely makes it easy to love her!

The Tylers said...

That is the sweetest idea I have ever heard! What a blessing indeed!! Have a great week

Anonymous said...

can I be a dork and see ALL the pictures later? love you!!!

Anonymous said...

So sweet and nice. What good friends.

freakface said...


Deb said...

ahhh.....this made me cry! You are so blessed.