Amnio Pool

Dear Erie, 

This morning I woke up to a yard full of snow.  This after a week of 50 degree days.  I just hope you get it out of your system before April comes...or before my last day of work on Friday...so April 3rd.  I'm going to need some sunny days once I can get outside of my cubicle and enjoy them.  Thanks for your cooperation.


Had a doctor's appointment this afternoon.  Everything looks good except the first time I stepped on the scale it wasn't working so it looked liked I'd lost 15 lbs. in a week.  Slightly concerning.  Then the nurse says, "Does that look right to you?"  Umm, no.  No, it doesn't.  We tried again and I'm up 35 lbs., folks.  Doctor says this is good so I am cool with it too (Please pass the pizza).  Although this was an end-of-the-day appointment, so we know that your end-of-the-day weight is not to be trusted....they need to weigh me straight out of bed, butt naked, after I pee and before I drink anything.  Adam weighs himself at night and I think it's so strange...doesn't he know the rules?  Although this makes me happy because it puts a great gap between our two weights.  Yay.

So, Bethany and I like to meet at the pool and do some cardio in the pool about once a week so I asked the doctor, "What if my water breaks in the pool....will I feel it?"  He says, "Maybe not except that when you get out of the pool, you will still be leaking."  This concerns me as I don't want Henry swimming around in chlorine and I also don't want my amniotic fluid in the pool of the wellness center...that's gotta be some kind of health hazard.  Thoughts?


Hannah Lee said...

I have no clue. I wouldn't gulping down gallons of chlorine water and I know you aren't so you are probably fine. Nick weight himself at night, too! That's because he is so trim and slim it doesn't matter! For me...it does.

Lora said...


freakface said...

1) Don't you have a husband that is a midwife or something? Isn't he supposed to be familiar with some of this?

marylou said...

I remember looking up the statistics and I think like only 25% of women actually have thier water break before they go into the hospital...so I wouldn't worry so much about infecting the "Y"

Danny Lucas said...

I don't know why your mom always gives you the raspberry to hush up. I find your open dialog refreshing, and likely helpful to many prego's, who do not comment.

When I heard about you swimming with Bethany, water break in the pool was one of my first thoughts. Your doctor is apparently unconcerned, so I would go with doctor over comments on a blog from anyone.

That said, we had August birthdays and the waters at Presque Isle were always enticing in the summer heat. (It snows here as late as April 17th---latest I ever saw, then we often go right to summer). Our doc back then said NO swimming in the lake, because your water could break "and you would not know it". He felt it unwise. Chlorine was not factored into his "NO" as we had a whole lake, not a pool.

Simultaneously, we were in Lamaze Class for 9 weeks and the same suggestion was heard as the women all "huff-huffed" and the men all acted like we were useful to this process.

After 9 weeks of class, you would think we were specialists, but we went to 9 weeks MORE at a second Lamaze Class elsewhere. These folks were fun and we held a three month picnic at Asbury Park after ALL children in the class were born. We had some twins in the group too. Everyone brought a dish to eat and the little tykes all looked like pressed down versions of mom or dad or both. I video recorded the entire day. I enjoy the company of some of these Lamaze friends to this day.

Lamaze was specific that labor could be brief, or very long (so helpful, eh?). They advised the men pack a lunch or take eats as the time in labor could be extensive.

They advised we obey the speed limit as we drove and not panic, no matter how much she was screaming in the next seat of the car enroute to hospital.

Tip: if she screams "Move it!", step on the gas pronto or you will have a kid popping a head out in the elevator.

Tip: 13 salami sandwiches is a tad too many. It would take a Guiness World Record labor to get through that many. I ate precisely "ZERO" before a head was popping out (girl).

Tip: any child after Henry will come flying out like they are sliding at Splash Lagoon. However much time you took to get to the hospital for number one,...cut that TO 1/10TH AT MOST! next time.
Our second daughter really wanted out, and popped along as I was parking the car.

Lora, this is a different generation and their ability to speak openly and frankly on intimate subjects is a huge plus.
Fear is lessened for Camille, and an unknown quantity of other readers, including dads.

Henry James will be fine; for the number of prayers said on his behalf have God on alert long ago, and recalling to Himself, how wonderful it is to have a Son.
Blessings Camille!
Blessings Adam!
Blessings Henry James!

Anonymous said...

You'll know when your water breaks, pool or no pool. It is usually followed by VERY strong contractions, the likes of which you have never felt before...

Ted said...

Hi, been following your journey amost from the begining.

Had to contribute this thought about the window seat. Make sure there is a kid proof support/stop. There have been incidents of kids getting caught and strangled when the lid (oak is heavy) came down.

When my kids were small I had made two oy boxes for them .. no safety. Now mind you they rode around in the car VW Microbus with no carseats.

Not urgent now, he won;t be walking for almost a year, but ask your engineer friend to think about it if nesessary.