The Colony Shower

Hellooooooooooo Saturday!

Had a wonderful shower last night given by my co-workers. It was held at the Colony (first time to go there but it was good, fellow Erie-ites!) and we enjoyed some food and fellowship. So, if you were in that neck of the woods and saw a girl smuggling a watermelon underneath a polka dot dress with a tiara, sash, and pink "New Mommy" pin on, that was me. I was overwhelmed by how many thoughtful gifts were given and felt so cared for by my fellow worker bees. We definitely appreciate those kind folks and their generosity.

However, his room is a DISASTER AREA now due to the two showers in one week. I need to go upstairs and sort through and organize...but nothing is more fun to organize than CUTE BABY STUFF! Wheeee!


lindsey said...

Fun times!! It's neat to realize during special times like this just how many people love and care about you...have fun sorting!

Anonymous said...

You must really be accepted by the Erieites to have been given a shower at the Colony! That's an Erie tradition. When this kid is older he'll say he was born in Erie, PA and that makes me so proud. Be sure to give him some sponge candy when he's old enough....